Dr. med. Mark-Wolfram Schmidt
Specialist for internal medicine

24th February 1959 born in Berlin, catholic
1977 Abitur; junior european champion in sailing
1977 - 1979 apprenticeship for radiographer
1979 - 1980 working as a radiographer and further apprenticeship for medical laboratory technical assistant
1980-1986 study of human medicine at the Freie Universität Berlin; 3rd state examination and granting of license to practice medicine in December of 1986
1987 assistant physician in Surgery; Klinikum Steglitz
1987 - 1991 assistant physician in Internal Medicine, Paulinenkrankenhaus
1992 - 1993 assistant physician in Internal Medicine, Städtisches Krankenhaus Bad Tölz
1994 - 1996 assistant physician in Internal Medicine, Paulinenkrankenhaus
1996 Specialist for Internal Medicine
1996 - 1999 working as specialist for Internal Medicine, Paulinenkrankenhaus
1999 - 2002 senior doctor of cardiological further treatment in Internal Medicine, Paulinenkrankenhaus
since 2002 working with Dr. Leinhos

Special thanks to my most important teachers:
Head Physician Prof. Dr. med. R. Häring,
Head Physician Dr. med. E. Lubnow and Senior Doctor K. Grosser- Schlepps,
Head Physician Dr. med. W. Rothenberger as well as
Head Physician PD. Dr. med. M. Hummel

I am married since 1990. We have three young adult daughters.

Dr. med. Christian A. Leinhos
Specialist for Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology

Born in Munich

1980 High School Graduation

Foreign studies:

1980/1981 Premedical School at Shoreline Community College and the University of Washington, Seattle, USA

1981 FirstYear Medical School at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

1987 Clinical traineeship at Kantonsspital Laufen, Basel, Switzerland

1988 Clinical traineeship at Brigham and Women’s, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

1988 Licence to practice medicine

1994 Thesis: Diarrhea as a fundamental health problem in third world countries

1996 Licence as Specialist in Internal Medicine

1998 Licence as Specialist in Gastroenterology 

Important medical instructors:

Albert Eimiller, M.D., Munich, Germany

Rüdiger Kunze, M.D., Munich, Germany

Djawad Moschiry, M.D., Berlin, Germany

Eckart Lubnow, M.D., Berlin, Germany

Stefan Müller-Lissner, M.D., Ph.D., Berlin, Germany

1998 Launch of the Medical Office

since 1997 married, four children.